brutalism (2014)


Synopsis: Black giants smash classical buildings extravagantly and arbitrarily. He then makes measurements and calculations to reconstruct a new cityscape with the architectural style, brutalism. In the post-war period, massive reconstruction projects were carried out simultaneously in many parts of the world, in which enormous, cold, concrete structures played a major role for their cheap and fast construction. “Brutalism” was inspired by the replacement of previous cultures with a brutalist style, evolving from a nostalgia for modernism.

“Brutalism” is a course-work at CalArts. The assignment is to animate with erase technique on mylar paper. Test clips with the coherent theme were later edited together into a short film.

Sound: Leandro Varela (assisted by Stefano Miraglia)

festival screenings

Kaohsiung Film Festival/ Panorama
ANIMATOR/ Panorama
Animage Festival/ Official Selection
Up-and-coming Film Festival/ Official Selection
Lucca Film Festival/ Official Selection
KLEX, Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival/ Official Selection
IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival/ Official Selection
Bradford Animation Festival/ Panorama
Corti and Cigarettes/ Official Selection
Nordic Youth Film Festival/ Official Selection
Nice Film Festival/ Official Selection
Athens Animfest/ Student Competition
IFVA Incubator for Film & Visual Media in Asia/ Panorama
INVIDEO/ Official Screening
ExScreen 008: KLEX Experimental Video Series/ Official Screening
Images itinerantes - An evening of short films/ Official Screening
Cineclube Animassa/ Official Screening
Garikula Festival/ Official Screening