30/8-16/10 Hong Kong 
Despite disruption to transportation caused by ubiquitous protest events, I managed to visit 6 concerts and some singing classes and gatherings. Besides singing activities, I joined a rally  whenever I found time. By the time I arrived in Hong Kong, protests were already illegalized, and hence smaller crowd size. Major rallies were held on the weekends. I also often went/bumped into rallies during weekdays. Every evening, there were spontaneous assemblies in the shopping malls or some kind of guerrilla activities on the streets after people got off work. Going to work/school were in parallel with demonstration. However, large scale strikes were difficult to be mobilized. They jokingly said that Hong Kong people loved to go to work.

Concerts (hightlights)
Sound recording was the focus in 2019. Few videos were made at performances.

Super star Lau Cheung!!

My favourite Fei Fei

more clips of my favourite singers are available on request!!!

Life drawings during the performances

Storyboards (first scene)