The rough framework of Sunset Singers emerged. Two months were spent in Hong Kong for research. Concerts, singing lessons and dance squares were visited. Photographs = screenshots

20180812 Concert

Hosts tested the sound system before the show  

20180818 Concert

Provision of social life for the grannies

Long and Sophie’s showtime!

20180911 Concert

Thanks to the dressing room, sunset singers revealed plenty of secrets to our portable sound recorders, apart from their singing. The compact space full of mirrors also provided lots of inspirations to the film’s storyboards and compositions in keeping the singers framed, in reflection and somewhat spatially isolated.

Singing Lessons

Long and Sophie took both group and private lessons from multiple teachers within the week. Mr Tang agreed that I record and film in his class. Mr Tang used to be an aspiring singer. Now he has his day job as a bank officer and teaches singing during his free time.

Open-Air Karaoke

Sometimes I returned to my neighbourhood to film dance reference because these groups met a couple times per week and there was a higher probability of bumping into them. In 2019 I came back a few times but they did not show up.

Beatboards: Initial Storyline